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Did You See That Bird?

Immerse yourself in the outdoors and learn about nature while birding a.k.a. birdwatching, It is a fantastic way to enjoy the summer, see some beautiful birds and get outside.

Portage County is home to many wonderful places to enjoy bird watching. There are locations to hike or drive to. Some of the best places to see various species of birds are West Branch State Park with approximately 206 species, Berlin Lake Bike Trail with 205 species and Mogadore Reservoir with 202 species. Other hot spots for birding are Aurora Audubon Sanctuary, Novak Audubon Sanctuary, Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve, Berlin Lake (Portage County) and Wingfoot Lake.

So grab your camera, binoculars and your field guide and get ready to enjoy a fun and exciting afternoon of bird watching. See how many you can spot.

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