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Exploring Portage County (Series 1)

Portage County is home to many wonderful communities and exploring them can be educational, fun and memorable. I am taking the opportunity this summer to explore Portage County and share with you just some of the wonderful places to go to while visiting Streetsboro.

Just a short 12 minute drive from Streetsboro is the quaint town of Mantua, located on State Route 44. During a recent visit there I had the opportunity to explore and enjoy the assortment of small locally owned businesses. Places such as Jake's Market, Bibury & Company, Forage & Feather, J&J Sales, Crooked River Flowers, Gifts, & More, Five Five Media Co as well as Restoration 44 Coffee Co & R44 Bakery & Butcher Shoppe. It was a lot of fun to see all of the unique items each location offered.

Also, during my visit, I was able to enjoy the Portage Park District's Headwater Trail, which is part of the Buckeye Trail. This beautiful trail offers amazing views with a lot of photo opportunities. There are also multiple convenient trailhead locations with parking available. Breakaway Excursions is also located in Mantua and they offer you the chance to paddle along the river in one of their kayaks.

After seeing all that Mantua has to offer, I can't wait to keep exploring and I hope you enjoy checking this small town out the next time you visit Streetsboro.


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