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The Perfect Holiday Wine

As we think about our holiday meals, our families, the traditions we have and meals we will share, we must not forget about the perfect pairing of wine and food. A delicious glass of wine can be the perfect complement to any meal this holiday season. As I spoke to four wineries located within Portage County and received their recommendations on what would taste the best with our holiday meals, I must confess that it was both enjoyable and educational. West Main St Winery & Brewery located at 234 West Main Street in Ravenna, offers an assortment of craft beers, wine slushies and an amazing selection of wines. As we discussed the upcoming holiday season and what wine would be perfect to enjoy with our holiday meals, they stated resoundingly that their Festive Holidays is perfect. It is an off dry merlot with classic holiday aromas and flavors of cassia bark, allspice, clove and nutmeg. This particular wine goes well with ham, turkey, prime rib and crusted salmon.

A visit to ThornCreek Winery & Gardens located at 155 Treat Road in Aurora, is both pleasing to the taste buds and eyes. This beautiful winery is nestled among seven acres of beautifully designed gardens and natural habitats. Their wines are as unique and distinctive as the winery itself. For your holiday dining, they have suggested their Syrah wine. It is a full bodied, dense yet soft and subtle red wine with a bouquet of perfume and plum, finishing with a velvety texture and a pleasant spice of white pepper. For a white wine option, they have suggested the Pinot Grigio, a dry, crisp wine with a taste of freshly harvested apples and melons.

The Barrel Run Crossing Winery & Vineyard at 3272 Industry Road in Rootstown utilizes their own vineyards to make the highest quality wines for their customers to enjoy, and it shows by them winning multiple awards at wine shows. For this coming holiday season, they are suggesting their Down Home wine for a turkey dinner. It is a Niagara blend that has fruity flavors and a full body. For a ham dinner, the Tipsy Conductor a semi sweet white wine, is a single grape, Frontenac Gris. It is Ohio grown and the backbone of their wine list. For a sweeter palate with ham, the Stowaway Rosé is a Frontenac Gris and Frontenac blush. With Roast Beef they suggested their BRX. An Ohio Frontenac blend. It's dry with a medium body.

Silver Cellar Winery located at 10519 Brosius Road in Garrettsville has a variety of wines made and bottled on the premises that will satisfy every palate. For a turkey dinner this holiday season, they suggest their Riesling and their Cabernet for a beef dinner.

So which bottle will grace your dining table this holiday season? There are so many great options to choose from and don't forget that a bottle of wine also makes for a great holiday gift as well, so pick up a few bottles to help complete your holiday shopping.


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